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Happy 2018 !

It's the beginning of another year. Another 365 days, with hope of good times, and lots of smiles ahead.

Unlike the years before, 2017 was a mix of many things. It stood apart from the years before, in terms of the learning which it has imparted. Most often, the learning which you carry along, takes you to a different path altogether. It changes you, and starts to define you to an extent, that you live by those lessons as testaments. The twists and turns in your life, which keep you grounded, also help you to see things from a different perspective. Perception, which is always something changing with experience, imparts certain ideologies, which you start following for your life.

Along time, you learn to forgive. The mistakes which you come across your life, the ones that you do, and also the ones that are done to you, you learn let them go, by learning to forgive those mistakes. Then you sit and realise that, life often doesn't turn up as you want to. That's how it works…