Is it all about the Bananas?

The ambience of the hall is of joy and happiness, with the whole gathering smiling and glittering. There are smiles everywhere, the bride and groom are happy on stage, and everyone has this feeling of fulfilling their objective for the day. The camera pans up to the wedding scene. The bride and the groom have tied the knot, and exchanged garlands, and are enjoying their official step towards spending a life together. This feels like a climax scene lift-off from a Bollywood movie, but in reality, is somewhat vaguely what happens at every wedding. The scene is calm, till now.

The professional photographers for the function have been calm and quiet all this while. They were happy flashing their torches and light exposure equipment into the wide ambiance and capture the happy moments of all those who were present there. And just as the main custom of tying the knots has been done; they get into a frantic nature. Their only mission then becomes – to get candid photographs of the bride and groom. With the bride and groom, subjected to immense methods of torturous smiles, with gazes towards the ceiling, towards each other, with no notion of what they are doing, stares onto the floor, towards the imaginary-elephant-framed-into-the-distant panorama!

But just before this cacophony of clicks began, something significant happened. The bride and the groom tied the knot, vowing to be lawfully wedded partners to each other, flowers being showered and everything. Right at this moment, there is a spark of excitement in the crowd. There is this hurry, the urgency, to head to “their” main event of the day – the lunch!

No matter whatever the food is, it isn’t a concern. They rush to the dining hall, in a way as people rush to book their Tatkal tickets on railways just when the clock strikes 8-am (the scene before the Millennial Age came into existence). And this rush in turn leads to a situation where people are queuing up for having food. Let me say from the experience of being witness to multiple scenes like these, it is not at all a healthy scene for civilization! I mean, even people who haven’t had access to food for more than a couple of days, will have more decency here. It makes me wonder, what’s the actual reason? Is it the free stature of it? Is it because everyone is in so much of a hurry, that the function which they came for, has become of least importance to them? Then why bother to come at all?

I have witnessed this phenomena, only during weddings from Kerala, The same people when they arrange a wedding outside Kerala, this isn't so visible. I guess, it's probably the people out here. For let's hope that a wedding across cultures is happening, and when 50% of the crowd, disappears right when the lunch counter is opened, it would indeed be a sham face!

For me and my group of friends, this has always helped, because we are easily go and wish the bride and the groom, all the luck for their life ahead. We chit chat, spend some time with them, because apparently, the photographers don't have another bunch of people to take into the frame and to get done with their jobs! And after all this, when we go for the lunch, in fact, we enjoy it. We don't rush, we just enjoy the meal.

I have read somewhere,that eating bananas after a meal helps in digestion. I guess, in the end, it might be for all that. All for a bunch of bananas! We can only assume this, for however, the true reason will always remain a mystery!


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