Those Places Left Behind

We are a species. A collection of people, who strive to make this world, a better place to live in. Well, at least, that's what we are believed to be on course. For some reason, out of all these different species in this world, we have 'supposedly' been given the highest intellectual capacity. Apparently, all that needs to be flushed down the drains!

It's only when we travel the world, or the country for that matter, that we discover how actually it's all a cocoon. A shell of freedom, where in only few can crawl in. The lack of choices, where - having no choice, is the only choice, becomes the primary stratagem. When many of us delve inside the opulence of metro cities in this world, we often fail to consider that it's just a meager percentage of the cities existing in this world. A major portion of the society is still lurking in the darkness, waiting for that last crumb of bread which will take them out of their misery.

The expectations are always there, because that's one thing which drives them - Hope. And even if that's not there, there wouldn't be anything worth. We speak of elections to come, five year plans, governments to bring changes, but at the end of the day, it all remains the same. The streets, the huts, the make-shift homes, all remain where they are. It's just the occupants which change. It's because, when one strata steps aboard the flight of fortune, there's right another one, waiting to take their place. The circle just keeps going on, like a dog chasing it's own tail.

Surprising yet logical, there's a pleasant share of smile which we can see on such places. The smile which doesn't wait for the next payslip, for the next big possession - one which doesn't have expectations, It's not that they aren't positive, it's just that they are content with what they have, yet have dreams of their own. The places ignored speak the truth - of the notions of the lifestyle prevailing day in and day out, struggling to make ends meet.

The sad part is that, these places are never the ones that transform altogether. They are kept waiting, for their hope that things will be alright, makes them survive all atrocities of politics, of the society and strike back !

Hope we all learn the testimonies of life from them and try to take all things in a positive manner. And more than that, try in our own ways to make their lives better too. For what joy does one get, if all you do is make your life merry, while a whole other bunch is rotting in a man-made hell!


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