The Culture of a Train

The various miles through the tracks, across numerous destinations, capsule into a great journey. All throughout the ride, the core thing which drives it through, are those people which breathe with the journey. And that pulse is the basic necessity of every journey. A gentle, yet required heartbeat for maintaining the sanctity of the ride.

Whenever I travel in a train, the best thing to notice and to learn from, are the people in that train. In our country, trains are a famous locomotive, and it ends up being the precursor to various dreams, sometimes nightmares and a handful yet pleasing list of wonders. Every train, essentially has it's source and destination, for what we miss to notice is, that these end points evolve one thing -  a Culture.

We have trains traversing through different corners of the country, and still for some trains, its possible to recognize them just by a look, and not by their name plate. Some stand out with their generosity, their devotional capacity roaring the chants of divinity with all their might. A couple of others beam the aura of homecoming, bombarded with people from a different parts of the country, watering their dreams of life, but taking a break for that one journey home. The ones travelling longer miles have a narration to do, by the time they reach their destination.

The shorter ones however, speak some twisted stories. Passenger trains - showcasing the end of daily routines, It sings for that student returning to his remote home, for those employees who shuttle daily for their family. These stories are revolved around these journeys, building relationships and friendships, which seldom stand on ceremonial gestures, rather on those smiles that fuel them! It speaks for those lovebirds, for whom the train journey isn't a transportation, but a transformation. One which not only allows them to visualize, but also to share their aspirations, their insecurities, their dreams - their life.

Essentially, beyond those metal sheets, screws and welding joints, lay a great amount of unsorted caricatures. While the wind whistles across those window rods, the minds riding along with this metal box, are totally in a different frame, unknowingly radiating certainties, which are in turn giving identities to their own journeys, and to the whole ride!


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