Life around a Bus Station

It often so happens that amidst our frequent and not-so-frequent journeys, we come across several of the very common bus stations across the country. Some of them freeze a frame in our mind for their grandiose, and some for their normalcy. Yet, with all the variety, it is mostly a transit point for a journey, either to or fro!

But in between all the honking of buses, the regular calls for passengers and the race for a seat, there’s a lot that buzzes around this place. The business, the chatter, the romance, the desperation, all situations blending into one big consensus. A consensus of our existence between the speed of our lives and of the humanely things that we often fail to cherish.

Set in for a pause and take a look around when you’re there. The epiphany which strikes you would be amazing! Though not all bus stations get that blessing, but some have the luxury of chairs. On one set, you’ll find an family come to send off their elderly parents, explaining them to be careful and handing some cash for use on the way. And the elders, with all humbleness, refusing the offer.

bus stand

Far in another corner, there’s romance flowing in the air around! A young couple, smiling, unknowingly of the whole world gawking upon them. Unnerved they are, for they see only the love in each other’s eyes and nothing beyond.

You see a family who has just set foot on the station, feeling all nervous with the new place, calling up their relatives on the phone and asking them where they are – on the way to receive them.

A bunch of young college students – with all their excitement – probably of a journey, rejoicing and having beautiful moments with each other. The station is almost radiated by the presence of such people, grabbing all the attention and literally, forming the envy of many minds.

A deep conscious might have set in with all these visuals, just then you find a man drunk enough to sleep, enjoying the cozy floor of the station. Away from all his problems, he has set himself for a good long sleep, until the lathi of the policeman strikes him hard. But still, he’s in a world of his own.

BUS STAND 3And yet outside the bus station, there’s the huge rush of people in the fight for their own livelihood – auto rickshaw walahs trying to find a passenger and yet get the best bargain – unlicensed vendors trying to pitch in with the best price call, etc. A livelihood of desires, both of the body and the mind, revolving around a common place, which is camouflaged in between all the crowdedness.

Amid all these minute details of randomness, the whole station moves along with each other – almost as a single unit. Some with brighter hopes – for a better journey, for a better tomorrow – subsiding all the tensions and busy priorities of life, some with just the next step ahead and nothing else in mind.

One thing is just common for all – the journey they’re embarking upon. And enjoy it to the best they shall, when all the energies sync, they form a big bright smile!


  1. nicely expressed Vinnie boy! i have thought along these very same lines, many a times. it truly is amazing how often we also smile or feel the pain that is evident on the many faces we see in these crowded places. all we need to do is pause and observe them.. the many things that we see, but don't observe and thus go unseen... I love that u tried and included as many different circumstances, people and their emotions as u possibly could. :)


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