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Life around a Bus Station

It often so happens that amidst our frequent and not-so-frequent journeys, we come across several of the very common bus stations across the country. Some of them freeze a frame in our mind for their grandiose, and some for their normalcy. Yet, with all the variety, it is mostly a transit point for a journey, either to or fro!But in between all the honking of buses, the regular calls for passengers and the race for a seat, there’s a lot that buzzes around this place. The business, the chatter, the romance, the desperation, all situations blending into one big consensus. A consensus of our existence between the speed of our lives and of the humanely things that we often fail to cherish.Set in for a pause and take a look around when you’re there. The epiphany which strikes you would be amazing! Though not all bus stations get that blessing, but some have the luxury of chairs. On one set, you’ll find an family come to send off their elderly parents, explaining them to be careful and hand…