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If the Sapiens had Super-Powers!

The ever imaginative and captivating, super-human world, always leaves us awestruck. The beings of superior qualities stand out of the crowd, often taking the role of saviors of humanity. And thus begins the adoration, admiration and sometimes an extrapolated - infatuation - for all the _____Man and the _______Woman genre, and a hoard of others with fancy names speaking of power and other qualities!

It's quite natural to wonder, what if WE, yes, we Homo Sapiens had the exact super powers? Wouldn't it be wonderful to fly in the air? Wouldn't it be superficial to be strong and move things just with your tiny little finger? YES! Isn't it?
NOPE. In fact, we would have been insulting and depriving ourselves of our own intelligence.

Being a species having super powers, would have stopped us from thinking of numerous inventions in this world - fire, cars, wheels, etc. etc. Primarily, because we wouldn't NEED it.

Want to go from point A to point B - FLY!
Interested to kno…