Hypocrisy and The Prejudist

We all believe in certain ideologies. Ideologies which we have learnt and understood over the progressive years of our lives. They define and drive us in our actions. They shape our conscience and set the belief system which takes cognizance in our actions and words. Precisely, they are our deep self.

It's imperative in structuring along the flow of time, as to what we choose to do and what not to. It's often believed that our conscience takes shape during our youth and eventually defines us in a irrevocable manner. And over the time, if all the actions are observed, there is a pattern, which essentially gets defined as our character.

The indecisive expressions!
Often, though, we are challenged by situations which question us. And in such times, we are stuck in a structural dilemma as to the decision or action we are ought to take. Eventually, we take one, which is best suited to the whole situation. But there are distinct group of people, who are observed to have a totally different kind of behavior, who prove the whole concept wrong.

Hypocrites they are called, for their words and actions follow different trajectories. Specific, objective and clueless to the ordinary. The question which pops into the mind then is that, whether they are unaware of the whole paradigm of truthfulness? For, don't they know that what they are advocating is a form of fallacy?

Surprisingly, it is probably the Prejudice forming a substantial part of Hypocrisy. The mismatch in actions and words often occurs because of preconceived notion regarding the subject matter in hand. Overall, it all ends up that people conduct Hypocrisy without a clear idea of what's going on around them! And at the end, it all translates into a complex web of words, where in they lose all the credibility. Their words are seldom taken value, because they are not consistent in their words and actions.

The weirdest reactions are observed upon questioning the Hypocrite. They fail to accept the transition from truth, questions being ignored through the statement that the questioner has failed to understand the point in hand. Sad to say, they are the ones who are not accepting reality. For it's their words which don't hold credence. Questioning is what the Hypocrite always eludes.

Thus, it's quite evident that the Hypocrite is prevalent all around, with unclear ideologies and theories. Theories which don't have a substantial understanding, and yet they speak and do. It's time they realized that the audience is wakening up. For they understand, that all this is after all a mockery.

After all, why do you promise if you can't deliver?

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