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Life around a Bus Station

It often so happens that amidst our frequent and not-so-frequent journeys, we come across several of the very common bus stations across the country. Some of them freeze a frame in our mind for their grandiose, and some for their normalcy. Yet, with all the variety, it is mostly a transit point for a journey, either to or fro!But in between all the honking of buses, the regular calls for passengers and the race for a seat, there’s a lot that buzzes around this place. The business, the chatter, the romance, the desperation, all situations blending into one big consensus. A consensus of our existence between the speed of our lives and of the humanely things that we often fail to cherish.Set in for a pause and take a look around when you’re there. The epiphany which strikes you would be amazing! Though not all bus stations get that blessing, but some have the luxury of chairs. On one set, you’ll find an family come to send off their elderly parents, explaining them to be careful and hand…

If the Sapiens had Super-Powers!

The ever imaginative and captivating, super-human world, always leaves us awestruck. The beings of superior qualities stand out of the crowd, often taking the role of saviors of humanity. And thus begins the adoration, admiration and sometimes an extrapolated - infatuation - for all the _____Man and the _______Woman genre, and a hoard of others with fancy names speaking of power and other qualities!

It's quite natural to wonder, what if WE, yes, we Homo Sapiens had the exact super powers? Wouldn't it be wonderful to fly in the air? Wouldn't it be superficial to be strong and move things just with your tiny little finger? YES! Isn't it?
NOPE. In fact, we would have been insulting and depriving ourselves of our own intelligence.

Being a species having super powers, would have stopped us from thinking of numerous inventions in this world - fire, cars, wheels, etc. etc. Primarily, because we wouldn't NEED it.

Want to go from point A to point B - FLY!
Interested to kno…

Hypocrisy and The Prejudist

We all believe in certain ideologies. Ideologies which we have learnt and understood over the progressive years of our lives. They define and drive us in our actions. They shape our conscience and set the belief system which takes cognizance in our actions and words. Precisely, they are our deep self.

It's imperative in structuring along the flow of time, as to what we choose to do and what not to. It's often believed that our conscience takes shape during our youth and eventually defines us in a irrevocable manner. And over the time, if all the actions are observed, there is a pattern, which essentially gets defined as our character.

Often, though, we are challenged by situations which question us. And in such times, we are stuck in a structural dilemma as to the decision or action we are ought to take. Eventually, we take one, which is best suited to the whole situation. But there are distinct group of people, who are observed to have a totally different kind of behavior, w…

SaaS and the Changing Face of Business

It is of no doubt that technology has made our lives better. Computers, mobile phones, advancement in gadgets, etc. all are significant today. Similarly, the way businesses function is also filled of technological advancements. Faster and efficient methods are what take different enterprises ahead.

Among such various advancements is the Software as a Service (SaaS), which has been gaining mileage over the past couple of years.  The growth of technology has boosted the demand for the infrastructural arrangements as well. As it is difficult to occupy all the IT infrastructure, it has given rise to a trend of businesses relying upon other service providers for technological requirements. SaaS providers take the responsibility of providing a particular set of solutions to the enterprises.

Even when we use products and services as individuals, we don't like boundaries. When we get the maximum flexibility, that's when we like the product most and enjoy using it. For example: When w…