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Vicious Circle of Survival of the Fittest

It's one of the famous theories existing in the world. The one part of the evolutionary theory proposed by Charles Darwin, which we all have learnt in school - "Survival of the fittest".

Along the years of human evolution, the above said principle has seen to be followed by us as a species. And it is very evident in other species as well. The strong and the healthy ones, survive the competition and progress further in time. The ones who are weak, perish and the cycle repeats for numerous number of times. It might have been repeating for millions of years!

When we reflect on our society, we see the very repercussions of this theory in it. People have been evolving as civilizations along many years, and there have been remarkable changes in our societies as well. But as we should see two sides of everything, there are two sections of people, one which is very well off in their lives, and another section which is not at all so. People who are quite set in the society in te…

One Year Down at Planet-E!

A small void left about. The calmness gets into the mind, but still, you miss the fulfilment inside the void.

That's the situation which is lingering now. Even though, the ever active and lively life has come to a break, in a way it's being missed. The constant running around, handling different things at a time and wrapping up time till and post midnight. That's on a break, at least academically.

So, taking a flashback to June 2012. It was a different time. As an MBA aspirant I had put foot on that soil, with hopes of entering the 'management' world, a door to another world - that of the Corporate.  And from there on, close to 10 months have been spent there. With most of the time being there, it has evolved to be my second home. And the feeling of staying separate from it, doesn't get digested much.

But just a short recap on went on within the past year - 10 months to be exact.

Right from the Orientation session, the gelling in with the fellow students had b…

Let there be Peace, Please!

Wishing all a very Happy & Prosperous New Year ahead. May 2013 be far better than 2012!!!

And as the whole world was expecting the End of the World didn't happen. Or did it? A different kind of end it is, if not the physical one.

Going through the recent occurrences of violence to humanity, especially to women, it's time that we hide our faces underground as a community. A society where women are raped, assaulted, will not progress in any way. Laws, statistics of criminal records, justice being delivered, all such things speak of it. The question we must all confront is - Where are we heading to?

Whatever the methods of control be - restrictions, new laws, change in mannerisms - those are not going to help. The change has to come in the Mindset. Unless and until that changes, we can be rest assured, nothing else is going to. No night time capping, no stricter laws. People who treat others in a manner which demotes the whole humanity - they have to be afraid. Afraid of the…