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The Philosophy of Human Extinction

It's been millions of years the human race has been on this planet.

The plaguing question which has been hindering the human mind for some time becomes prevalent - the end of the world. It's something evident, but not accepted. There is no question as to the fact that it will eventually happen. But the definition of that particular time, is what perplexes most. Some culture claims it to be in 2012, sceintifically it should be somewhere after 10000s of years later. Anyhow, no one wants it to be NOW.

That's the status of the human race. We don't want our own end to come about. We fail to digest that fact and expect ourselves to live for long, though knowing the fact that one day, death is the gonna finally reach the finishing first.

And adding to that fact, is the constant threat which we as humans are dawning upon ourselves. In the ever-going race with aspirations, industries, progress and development, we forget one prime thing because of which we all exist - the envi…

Congratulations to Sachin!

And after a wait of 369 days, the day has finally come! March 16, 2012 will go down in the history books as the day when the Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar reached the almost unrepeatable milestone of 100 International Centuries in the Game of Cricket.

This particular century had garnered a lot of attention, especially since it was the 100th one. And also because it took such a long time. Possibly the most Sachin has taken between centuries before. But as we say, all good things come with a wait, Sachin also had to sweat it out for 33 innings and then came this much-awaited century. It hasn't been easy for him at all, it's not that you by-default get a 100 if you reach a particular point. He had to strive for each and every run, even for the single after the 99. That's how the game is. Just merely because he is an expert in the game, doesn't make his work easy. It just makes others to consider it as easy for him. For him, each and every match, each and every innings …