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Why Sachin should retire only according to his wish

The prolonging notions that the cricketing maestro, Sachin Tendulkar should retire or rather should consider restricting his appearance only to certain forms of cricket, is doing the rounds since a long time! And however constant the news and views may be, it's should be a decision left to the sportsman himself.

Though it has been often seen that Tendulkar hasn't been consistent in his performances, it's totally different that it should be something which should provoke the critics and fellow players to MAKE him retire from the game.
And why, certain critics or players seem to agree to this opinion strongly. It's mainly because he hasn't been able to reach that 100th international century, which has been pending for so long.

Regarding the ex-players, who would also have been his teammates during certain periods of time, saying that Sachin has to consider his time in ODIs is over, they should really think about it. Think about another angle to the situation. Tendul…

Another Valentine's Day

It's that day of the year again! This month of every year - February - has all the charms associated with it, due to this special day on the calendar. When there is love all over. Roses, cards, and what not. Everyone wants to wish their better-halves all the love they have for them. Be it through cards, words, or be it a romantic dinner over the candle.

Anyways, it's the thought and the expression that counts. Not the material things that you can share with each other. The feeling of belonging to someone, that you would give the world for someone, is what is important! If you do feel that with or for someone, then you're lucky to feel one of the most beautiful feelings in the world - LOVE!

So show some love towards everyone, for those who are experiencing it, show your special one, how special they are. And for those who are yet to hit the jackpot, don't worry, it will be there when the time is right, and you won't regret it then! And for others in general, make t…