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What is happening to the Indian Cricket Team?

The whole cricketing world and anyone who follows cricket even in a little most manner, would not be unknown to the recent mishaps that have happened to the Indian Cricket Team. Once, it was in England, and now, the ghosts haunted them against Australia as well. India lost all of their recent 8 Test Matches abroad. And that too in great humiliating ways.

But, what is the reason to it? Earlier in England, it was said that the injuries plaguing the team, and too much of cricket during those months, was the reason. Accepted. But, what about now? What happened in Australia?
As with all the things that underwent Down Under, there is a small doubt that the problems plaguing Team India are psychological rather than technical.

None of the top players, were performing as was expected of them. The reasons, not yet found out. The Australians were not supposed to be such a strong team as their earlier versions, but still Team India faltered.

And strangely the top official of the board still says…

What has become of these Representatives of the People?

What has become of the people whom we call the Representatives of the People?

Yes, this question would arise in every other person's mind. Because that's the situation which exists now. The leaders of the different political parties which exist in our country, are getting more and more proficient in things that aren't what really the citizens need.

Every time an election is on the way, there is a constant effort by every political party, of making the competing political party less honest and less efficient compared to their own. And after all, what is the ultimate intention? As always, the intention which has been constant all throughout the history of normal elections - the garnering of votes! The only thing that make then win or lose. And for that our dear political parties are intending to do anything. How can they be left behind?

From promising complimentary goods, to providing hard cash, there would be all that would be done. And the latest option is to target a par…

Welcome 2012!

Wish all the people around the world, a very Happy New Year! Hope 2012 brings with it loads of wonderful moments that you can cherish, enjoy and rejoice forever. Wish that the year brings along new aspirations, and the strength to go along with those, and the inner desire to stay happy.
God Bless.
Love and care.