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After a whole series of 7-8 months of learning, it's finally done. I have completed the technical certifications which I had been pursuing! Yippee! It feels good to be an internationally certified candidate.
What after this, you may ask. Ahead lies another journey. It's back to learning in a college life. I would be pursuing my Masters. And I am thrilled about it!! It would involve learning new things, and there is the excitement of meeting new people. Looking forward to it.

The Harry Potter series reading spree

Yes. Finally I have succumbed to it. (That was a note to myself!)

After years of evading the book series, as a self proposed challenge, I began reading the Harry Potter series. And man, I was spellbound! I never thought that this book series would be so gripping for me. Of course, I know that the whole world is mad after it, and that I am just another soul into it, but still, it totally surprised me.

I actually wanted to take note as to how much time I would be taking to complete the series. But then, once I got into it, I started becoming a fan. The first two books didn't so much affect me, because I already knew their story through the films. But later on, with the books which I had no knowledge of, it became really thrilling. The curiosity kept increasing. And to add to all this surprise package, another thing blowing me off was my own reading speed. I was reading at a feverish pace. At first I did over 800 pages in a week!!

Towards the end, with books of Half Blood Prince and…

The Philosophy of Human Extinction

It's been millions of years the human race has been on this planet.

The plaguing question which has been hindering the human mind for some time becomes prevalent - the end of the world. It's something evident, but not accepted. There is no question as to the fact that it will eventually happen. But the definition of that particular time, is what perplexes most. Some culture claims it to be in 2012, sceintifically it should be somewhere after 10000s of years later. Anyhow, no one wants it to be NOW.

That's the status of the human race. We don't want our own end to come about. We fail to digest that fact and expect ourselves to live for long, though knowing the fact that one day, death is the gonna finally reach the finishing first.

And adding to that fact, is the constant threat which we as humans are dawning upon ourselves. In the ever-going race with aspirations, industries, progress and development, we forget one prime thing because of which we all exist - the envi…

Congratulations to Sachin!

And after a wait of 369 days, the day has finally come! March 16, 2012 will go down in the history books as the day when the Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar reached the almost unrepeatable milestone of 100 International Centuries in the Game of Cricket.

This particular century had garnered a lot of attention, especially since it was the 100th one. And also because it took such a long time. Possibly the most Sachin has taken between centuries before. But as we say, all good things come with a wait, Sachin also had to sweat it out for 33 innings and then came this much-awaited century. It hasn't been easy for him at all, it's not that you by-default get a 100 if you reach a particular point. He had to strive for each and every run, even for the single after the 99. That's how the game is. Just merely because he is an expert in the game, doesn't make his work easy. It just makes others to consider it as easy for him. For him, each and every match, each and every innings …

Why Sachin should retire only according to his wish

The prolonging notions that the cricketing maestro, Sachin Tendulkar should retire or rather should consider restricting his appearance only to certain forms of cricket, is doing the rounds since a long time! And however constant the news and views may be, it's should be a decision left to the sportsman himself.

Though it has been often seen that Tendulkar hasn't been consistent in his performances, it's totally different that it should be something which should provoke the critics and fellow players to MAKE him retire from the game.
And why, certain critics or players seem to agree to this opinion strongly. It's mainly because he hasn't been able to reach that 100th international century, which has been pending for so long.

Regarding the ex-players, who would also have been his teammates during certain periods of time, saying that Sachin has to consider his time in ODIs is over, they should really think about it. Think about another angle to the situation. Tendul…

Another Valentine's Day

It's that day of the year again! This month of every year - February - has all the charms associated with it, due to this special day on the calendar. When there is love all over. Roses, cards, and what not. Everyone wants to wish their better-halves all the love they have for them. Be it through cards, words, or be it a romantic dinner over the candle.

Anyways, it's the thought and the expression that counts. Not the material things that you can share with each other. The feeling of belonging to someone, that you would give the world for someone, is what is important! If you do feel that with or for someone, then you're lucky to feel one of the most beautiful feelings in the world - LOVE!

So show some love towards everyone, for those who are experiencing it, show your special one, how special they are. And for those who are yet to hit the jackpot, don't worry, it will be there when the time is right, and you won't regret it then! And for others in general, make t…

What is happening to the Indian Cricket Team?

The whole cricketing world and anyone who follows cricket even in a little most manner, would not be unknown to the recent mishaps that have happened to the Indian Cricket Team. Once, it was in England, and now, the ghosts haunted them against Australia as well. India lost all of their recent 8 Test Matches abroad. And that too in great humiliating ways.

But, what is the reason to it? Earlier in England, it was said that the injuries plaguing the team, and too much of cricket during those months, was the reason. Accepted. But, what about now? What happened in Australia?
As with all the things that underwent Down Under, there is a small doubt that the problems plaguing Team India are psychological rather than technical.

None of the top players, were performing as was expected of them. The reasons, not yet found out. The Australians were not supposed to be such a strong team as their earlier versions, but still Team India faltered.

And strangely the top official of the board still says…

What has become of these Representatives of the People?

What has become of the people whom we call the Representatives of the People?

Yes, this question would arise in every other person's mind. Because that's the situation which exists now. The leaders of the different political parties which exist in our country, are getting more and more proficient in things that aren't what really the citizens need.

Every time an election is on the way, there is a constant effort by every political party, of making the competing political party less honest and less efficient compared to their own. And after all, what is the ultimate intention? As always, the intention which has been constant all throughout the history of normal elections - the garnering of votes! The only thing that make then win or lose. And for that our dear political parties are intending to do anything. How can they be left behind?

From promising complimentary goods, to providing hard cash, there would be all that would be done. And the latest option is to target a par…

Welcome 2012!

Wish all the people around the world, a very Happy New Year! Hope 2012 brings with it loads of wonderful moments that you can cherish, enjoy and rejoice forever. Wish that the year brings along new aspirations, and the strength to go along with those, and the inner desire to stay happy.
God Bless.
Love and care.