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The Power of Social Media

The power of social media isn't a new thing. The popularity of various things, has been due to the advent of the social media. The real-time sharing of almost everything online, the eye-catchy things get a lot of attention, through sharing, similar to the word-of-mouth in real-life!

The recent one being the maddening popularity of the "Kolaveri Di" song. It had been a sensation on social media, and later on, it caught the attention of the national media, and a huge lot of other people. And there have been various opinions about the song too - not-so-worthy, hilarious, good tune - a mix of everything!

But, the truth must be that, it's the sensational popularity of it on the social media like Twitter, Facebook, with the exponentially increasing hits on YouTube, the song became everything. Not that it liked quality though, but the national media would never have played it otherwise. Not that it lacked the quality. But there are lots of other scores which are played con…

My Book Review: The Notebook

The Notebook - Nicholas Sparks 

My second book by Nicholas Sparks. And as expected, it was astonishing. A book about true love, again. In A Walk to Remember, it was about a young couple, experiencing some unique love. And in The Notebook, it's about two people, who lose themselves, and then later on, are reunited by nature. That "destined to be together" scenario. And still, life again plays it's part on them, but they stand strong with their love. How love can overcome certain things!

True love, after all, comes to you. And when it is from the heart, there is nothing more valuable and respected than that!

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