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Isn't it better to say it to the face?

It's a straight question. Isn't it better to say it right to the face ?

I mean, there are various instances in our life, when we don't say things to people. We somehow manage to avoid the situation, or compromise that the situation is covered up. So that, we don't have to face awkward circumstances. But actually, shouldn't we be doing the opposite thing ?

In this new age, with means of communication moving into various realms, it has become possible to express yourself in easier ways, than meeting the person, and saying it to the them directly. And definitely, all persons, prefer the better versions of communication, since it doesn't involve so much of embarrassment. When you are texting the person about your anger, your frustrations.

The reason for this is the recent incident that I came across.
Two friends - staying in touch all the time, meet in person after a long time. But due to some complexes, one was upset with the other. And naturally, when they met, …