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The Cricketing Extravaganza has begun!

Yup. The time is here again ! The biggest sporting event of Cricket is here. And this time it's here in the sub-continent, that is going to be the witness of all the hot sporting action and events.

The 10th edition of the ICC Cricket World Cup is being jointly held by India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, beginning from 19th February. With 14 participating teams, some of which only come into the picture of the World Cup, will be in the race for the coveted title of the World Champions. And this time, it makes all the more interesting because, experts say that such an open World Cup is being held after a long time. There are more than one team that are being taken in as the favorites to win the cup and also the team statistics and their performances also cement these views.

And this time, there is a slight change in the format of the game too. Earlier versions of the game had featured the Super Six or Super Eight stage after the League match stages. But this time, it has been changed to…

The Aero Show 2011

Well, it was on the Saturday the 12th, that I had gone to the Aero Show 2011 being conducted at the Yelahanka Air Force Station. Getting to the parking place was a long route too!

Of course, to say about it, would be amazing. Though we had to stand under the hot sun for about 2-3 hours. It was worth it. And there were good pleasuring sites too. It was all crowded with many aircrafts on display. There was our own Tejas, then there was the Hawk and many other whose names are not being recollected in my memory.

The day had started with the Surya Kiran display. And was more amazed at knowing from the papers that it's one among the only three of  the 9-aircraft-formation displays in the world. So proud ! And the sight was thrilling too. And there was this another display, consisting of all pilots who were above 60-year-old. Must appreciate the enthusiasm in which they were riding and displaying and all the tricks that they were performing.

There were other stalls by different companies…