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3-day trip to University via Palakkad

For the past 3 days had been on another trip to Palakkad. Actually, the trip was to Thenhipalam. Just that it was via Palakkad. Didn't have any other place to stay. And also, was a chance to meet some of my friends. So, bundled everything into one.

So I had left from here in the morning of 21st. Reached there by afternoon and then met couple of my friends. And then, went for a movie. "Marykkundoru kunjaadu". It was good visiting the often-visited theatre, after a long time. Then had food from our usual Thattukada. And then reached our place of stay. Was staying along with my friends, in their rented room. Spent the night there. Was very low on sleep. Talking was more evident.

Then on the 22nd, was time for the trip for which I had actually come. Went to the railway station early in the morning, and that too walking. Lucky, that my fellow mates were there with me, they had a small jogging as well. :) And then, after boarding two trains, one from Palakkad and the other fro…

My book review : Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert ---
It's been a while since I started reading this book. Got the book, found it interesting and continued reading it. That's how it went. It's actually pleasing to read the book throughout. The various nuances of life experiences, how things can go terribly wrong. And how she manages to get things back on track, are worth a read. It's inspiring and fills you up with lots of positive energy. Things have been put out in so much of detail, it's a pleasure reading it all over. All the situations that the author is trying is put forward, are brought out amazingly, and we feel drifting along the story.

The Big IPL Hungama

Yes, over the past two days, we all have been watching the big IPL Auction 2011, live on the tv, which had been going on at here (i.e. at Bangalore). It was a precursor to the big IPL-4, which would be starting soon after the ICC World Cup 2011, being hosted by India, SriLanka and Bangladesh.

Seeing the player auction, it all seemed that all the players were being sold upon as "commodities". But, that's part of the business. Imagine if they were auctioned in their public presence ! It would have been pathetic. Such a situation wouldn't arise, but would be funny watching to it.
The 4th version of the IPL was starting afresh, with 2 new teams based from Pune and Kochi, and a fresh set of players for all the teams. The previous 3-year contracts had been over.
And for better transparency into the selection of players (following all the allegations and controversies, that had been there regarding the IPL during mid-2010), the auction was shown LIVE on the Tv. But watching i…

Happy 2011 to Everyone

Wishing Everyone,
A Happy and Prosperous New Year !!
May You all be Blessed with Joyous Moments throughout 2011 !
With hopes of having a wonderful year ahead, Love and care..