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Back after Sabarimala Darshanam

Swami Sharanam!
Yeh. This time had an early trip to Sabarimala. The Darshanam was wonderfully divine. There wasn't any rush this time, and we had a safe and sound journey as well.
So, until next time.

It was Diwali..

Happy Diwali 2 All..
Yeh, last weekend was the Diwali weekend. The time of the year, when people get together and celebrate together the most prosperous festivals of India. The usual sweet exchanging, bursting of crackers and all other things which everyone pleasantly does ! It's all a homely feeling !
Speaking of crackers, the usual flowerpots, Chakras going round and round on the floor.. ah... it's so bright ! The whole city was bright and happy. And India was altogether charmed with the visit of Mr. Obama as well. Well, guess all went well.

The Indian Cricket team was also celebrating Diwali in style. The Ind-NZ First test, though it ended in a draw, saw some terrifying performances from Sehwag in the first innings and totally unexpectedly from Harbhajan! But, it was required. Since that saved India from losing the first test. It was such a great feeling to see him hitting a ton!
Until next Diwali, have a prosperous year ahead ! take care.

Life is Symmetric

Life is Symmetric. Not so much viewed statement. But I feel so.
There are many symmetric things in the world. In mathematics, Circles, Triangles, etc. In other areas there are other respective symmetric materials.
Symmetry is all about a regular pattern when viewed about an average. There can be up and down movements. But all together, when there are equal ups and downs, it becomes symmetric. Comparing so to life, being with the ups and downs in life, altogether life would be symmetric in view. When there are downs in life, there is supposed to be symmetric ups in life too. It'll have a positive note on our lives. Thinking about the downs which we have come across, there is no use pondering. Wait and wish for the escalations to come and prosper. And all the demoting things, may those be experiences, so that we learn and grow upon them.
Live Life on A Positive Note. :) Keep smiling. :)