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Walking is SO Convenient !

Well, of all the modes of transport, sometimes I feel that Walking, is so much convenient !

Truly, the root of the various modes of transport is particularly to reduce the human effort. (And that, actually, is the definition of "Machines"). But the people who invented all these stuffs, didn't actually rely on the fact, the human sect would be exploding in numbers, within a couple of decades. And apparently, it has and has been making the exact use of mechanical modes of transport, vulnerable.
With the increasing number of vehicles on the road, we might have at many times felt that, "Ah, I will walk till then, rather get cuddled in this traffic !". Well, that same statement applies to me !
I've often taken the pedastrian route to particular places, though I could have chosen other means. Because that has often turned out to be more efficient ! Unless, the route amounts to a number of kilometres !
And ofcourse, it helps me stay healthy as well. :)

Philosophy and the Life !

Philosophy is an interesting topic altogether ! The way it influences human life is amazing. We, in our lives, go through a lot of hardships and tough times. And during all those, there is a certain amount of philosophy, which makes us work through the situation.
Be it at any time, reading some amount of philosophy makes us see the situations in a different angle and makes us realize, that there is a lot of simplicity and positive attitude in philosophy. We feel great upon reading it. And reading all the things written, we feel that we have been through situation in our own lives.
Reading philosophy, enhances our lives, makes us realize that things which happen in life are not greater than our life, and its common for some amount of people. Not that only we encounter it ourselves. There are a lot of people go through it, not only us ! But the best thing lies in coming out of it. That's where intelligence. That's where life is !

visit to college.. after a while..

It was an opportunity to visit the college. I had to collect my certificates and was a chance to meet some friends also. Met couple of my colleagues, teachers and a whole bunch of juniors. It was a lovely trip. Had been in the town for two days. Was happy upon meeting old pals. But had no time, coz had to hurry to catch my train. So didn't get actually the TIME to spend at college. But it still it was a memorable one. Re-visiting your college after the completion of course, whatever be the timespan, feels nostalgic.
The basic thing which I went across was the flashing through of memories through my mind, meetings, strikes, functions. It was altogether a good feeling. Had been smiling all the time when I was there. Incredible feeling !
Until my next post.. See ya .. :)

Applying New Templates

The latest Template Designer from Blogger has been helping a lot to modernize the blog designs. The designer helps to make it more catchy and looks amazing as well. Its good to use it and revamp my blog. :) So since, there is a huge lot of variety being provided, the designs of the blog are ought to change often to test compatibility with the new ones. So dont worry when you dont see the old template. :)