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Ganeshotsav !

It was last week that Ganesh Chathurthi was. And the celebrations had started at that time. The celebrations had been long, and then saw in the streets yesterday, the huge idol of Ganesha being taken as a procession. It had been a huge celebration here. I had heard bhajans all the time, when I used to go for my evening walk. Crackers were bursting loud yesterday nite. The celebrations are over, i guess and they would be eagerly waiting for next year's Ganeshotsav to come, for a time a rejoice and be happy.

buses buses..!

well, its interesting to travel in buses here. The same amazing curiosity you always tend to have, when you are getting used to a particular city. That doesn't go anytime! But over here, it isn't that much easy for the travel.

Even though its been officially a year over here for me. It hasnt been practically that way. I had been away most of the times. Now that my course is over. I am here. Curiously exploring different parts of the city. Its lovely.

Apart from that, I enjoy the bus rides here. But the only thing is that, its very complex. Though there might be only a couple of kms from a place, bus journey can be a roundabout affair. Hats off to the congestion and the complexity of the roads here. Its obvious reason ! :)

Lets what all I learn from all these experiences.. :D