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back to college...exam time again..

its back to college after a couple of weeks at home. the past few days were, study holidays, as i had mentioned earlier. its almost over and would be back to hostel in a couple of days.. the study did progess somewhat in a good manner. satisfactory in a way.
pretty sad events did happen in between, really really unfortunate for such things to happen with ma friends. its cruel, its ridiculous. my friends wouldn't be able to even write the exam now!! damn ! :(
hope things turn out well soon...

c ya everyone..
take care

nooks and corners of college..

one evening, when we ventured the lands with our fones..

study breaks again..but the last one..

its study break again... just before the eighth semester exams, a month barely to be called 'study break'. but some time given off before the exams is always called 'study break'. :D

it was really a kind of a feeling, before coming to home this time. leaving all friends behind, saying goodbye to them. its not that its a final goodbye, but the reality that u gotta go through the same situation after a month, hits in ur gut.
but its all part of life, and we need to move on.. :D

yeh and 'study break' is going great..