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another month ending..

another month has reached an end. and it has been the memorable days of March.

It's particularly because of the college fest, the first of its kind since we have joined college. it was some kind of an addiction for the students to work for it. Although, the days were hectic, we all were roaming around cities for arranging various things in place, there was a pure fun in it. It seemed like a strength of unity amongst a group towards the same goal. And at last achieving it, was another pleasure! It was fun to the dance to the core to the tunes of Javed Ali at the final concluding day concert by the Bollywood star.

Besides that, it was a month of nostalgia and a month everyone wanted to cherish in their minds forever. the last truly academic month of the course. the one in which everyone wanted to desperately attend classes, be there in the college even after regular hours. Spending time with friends, each and every moment, trying to spend the max. but ironically, it went on to become …

ga-ma-ya...a success story !!

so atlast, a sigh of relief for everyone in the college. the college fest organised by the College Union was a total success. with the concluding Javed Ali concert totally rocking, the crowd was cheering like anything! it has created a platform for the upcoming students for staging programs in the coming future. everyone had total fun !

its back on activities on campus..

after a long time, the campus is filled with activities. the whole week is being fun-filled and there are a lot of programs going on. and the coming next week there is our first College Fest being presented "GA-MA-YA". An intercollege cultural & tech fest on March 19,20,21. Its gonna be fun and have been busy with that the for past days..

back home after a month...

its been pretty a while i have been away from home. and it feels good being back.

the last month of the academic year is on and supposed to be the last academic month for us too. the final year is gonna be over by this month and later in the year in june there would only be exams. so practically speaking this is the time of enjoyment, nostalgia and a whole bunch of mixed feelings.