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Synergy 2010

Synergy 2010 was the exhibition conducted as part of the TOTAL ELECTRIFICATION OF PALAKKAD DISTRICT. some of us and our juniors had gone for a stall kept from our college. stood there a whole week explaining the various machines and equipments which were put up for display there. and moreover, learnt to explain things to people which we had no idea about. people were rushing in for the exhibition each and every day. particularly the last day of the exhibition was powerpacked !! had a jolly time with the juniors who had accompanied us.

it got over last tuesday with the announcement function of the Total Electrification of the Palakkad District being made publicly by the Union Power Minister. many other ministers and dignitaries also attended the function.

it was a nice experience jus before the times of leaving college! glad that could attend it !

its classes again !

the last semester of the course. its classes back on the track.
s8 classes have begun couple of days ago.
but dont feel like bunking that much, coz this is the last semester we would be able to sit in dont wanna miss it !

Set of exams over!

Another set of exams over. The labs and the Gate! The lab was fine. Except for the viva, i got the required output!! And the Gate was also wonderful! Answered about half of them!
What a romantic thing to do on a Valentine's day ! :D
No other developments regarding the valentines !!

bak 2 college...

mini vacation at home ends. going back to college tomorrow morning.
having my lab exam coming up next week and a couple of others like the MAT & GATE later on as well.
so, until my next post..

c ya..

the srk-shiv sena row

the presently on-going SRK-Shiv Sena issue has been a mess. Well, what in the world, does it mean to protest against one's remarks against the inclusion of players in the IPL auction. Well, India is a democratic country and each and every citizen of this country has the right to express his views. And besides, SRK hasn't said anything which would hamper anybody's interests. It was a general opinion.

And for that, protesting saying that the city belongs only to the regional people and that the so-called "outsiders" should stay numb! thats totally ridiculous! they are in no position to say that. such reactions have also been evoked in earlier times too. the government has to take some action regarding this.

Each and every citizen in this country has the right of Freedom of Speech. Incidents like these don't give much meaning to such rights!

some photography..


one month into 2010

one decade of the millennium passed.. and we are into 2010.
the last 4 years had been spent at nss college of engineering and thats also coming to an end. last couple of purely academic months at the college. and after that it would be purely exams and other stuffs.
maximum trying to spent some jolly time at the college and with the college union into the place, there are plenty of events happening. and its interesting as well. college seems to be complete.
this month had been filled with exams. had the seventh semester exams this month. the penultimate set of exams of the exams were quite ok as well. just 2 of em were a little dizzy. rest were fine.
college life is getting shortened. times are going fast. things to be done are plenty. too much of work packed into all these last months and its always like that.
month had been fast. things were quick. enjoyin d moments signing off..
till later.. c ya..