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skies are wonderful isnt it ? staring a gaze at d sky can b pleasurable and thrilling. u can spent countless seconds staring at d sky. recognising the various patterns in which d clouds are, how close they are, their movements.

they r pretty..! immense scope for photography skills.

jus usual..

another 1 week break spent at b'lore. though d break was surprising and unexpected (not in the schedule) but it was kind of fun. walking along d roads in d evenings. and studied mostly coz have d exams coming up. exploring b'lore can be fun and u can unwind totally! its wonderful in a way. and getting 2 knw d place i'm staying in more closely. getting in touch with the surroundings.

d break is coming to an end. after dis cmng up r d exms, semiars and project works. gonna be busy i suppose...