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monsoon arrives..

and atlast d monsoon has arrived.. nw the heat waves would be a little less.. its good to get wet in the rains too!!

wandering on..

its fun wandering here and there, particularly when u have something to do. but taking some time off from the work also helps naa! last day me and my friends went abt roaming arnd the college campus. no thats not as usual. it was the time when we didnt have college. d holidays are on! walked along through it and went abt. crossed the campus and then went to the area aftr that. mountains and rocks. those were waiting us. tried to fake a pic taken from another place, and saying some other place name and uploading it on social networking. went around walking a lot. and lots of fun on the way..
well, v got back to the hostel by dark. couldn't miss the dinner at the mess!

smile! hav a nice day!

smile! the best way of presenting urself to the outside world. believe me, it can workout magics! its wonderful when u walk along the road and suddenly somebody smiles at u. it just makes out ur day! yesterday when i was walking on the road in the evening, i saw a lady fetching a piece of stick to make her daughter obey her. (no, there wasn't any amount of harshness involved in it. it was all pure motherly love.) i didn't know her at all. but we smiled at each other. it just makes u happy when people smile at each other. suppose that u r having a bad day, and suddenly walking along the road, someone smiles at u. in the true sense usually u would smile back. it helps in setting ur mood. helps u regain confidence and believe in urself.
so keep smiling friends! :)