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Merry X'mas 2 ALL!

yeh. i am back again. its been a long time since i have blogged. didnt get the time to say the truth actually. had been busy in collg.
a lot of things have happened. a x'mas celebration got over at college. had an interesting industrial visit from college. had a nice time at college.
my seventh is almost approaching an end and then i wud in my last semester of my engg degree. i joined in at home a little late into the x'mas vacations. had to stay back at hostel for project work.
in between had a small get together with my old pals. that was fun too. it had been a long time since i had met any of them, since i had gone from ekm and moved into b'lore. so that was special.
after all, its college ending and times have been pretty. having a wonderful time at college. and various other things as well.
i dont know when next i would be blogging, till then.. bye to all..
and wish you all a Merry X'mas and
a very happy charming prosperous and ever so happening
hav f…


skies are wonderful isnt it ? staring a gaze at d sky can b pleasurable and thrilling. u can spent countless seconds staring at d sky. recognising the various patterns in which d clouds are, how close they are, their movements.

they r pretty..! immense scope for photography skills.

jus usual..

another 1 week break spent at b'lore. though d break was surprising and unexpected (not in the schedule) but it was kind of fun. walking along d roads in d evenings. and studied mostly coz have d exams coming up. exploring b'lore can be fun and u can unwind totally! its wonderful in a way. and getting 2 knw d place i'm staying in more closely. getting in touch with the surroundings.

d break is coming to an end. after dis cmng up r d exms, semiars and project works. gonna be busy i suppose...

back to college in couple of days

the vacations over again. onam at b'lore. was fun.

gonna get back to college within a few days and hv d exams coming up too. going to my native place tonight.

hopin 2 c all frnds soon..
c ya

last onam at college..

last week was pretty eventful. had many things done. had my b'day. it was fine. went to attend a wedding on that day. so had been with friends all throughout the day !

had my mini project presentation as well. it went well. so for that had been busy with preparing the report ..

there was a proposed Onam celebration at college. but it got cancelled due to some sick reasons. so we managed to arrange the celebs at another place outside college. Totally unplanned. jus booked a hall and arranged the food. there weren't any programs planned. everything was extempore. we jus told everyone to get to the place. and later when everyone reached there, it was all fun. well..the program was a grand success !
thanks all friends !!

now i am home. having a one week vacation and having exams after that. gotta study...

one heck of a trip..

its not everyday that u go for a trip. but the one which we went ws very exciting..

its not evryday tht u go to a 150 km trip unplanned and all of a sudden. so in that way it was special. we experienced everything in between. 8 of us.

the trip wasnt wht it became at the beginning. at the start, the idea was just to hire a vehicle and roam around the city. but when we had hired the vehicle for a day, the thoughts began swirling. bright ideas came up of what to do with the vehicle in one day..
and amongst many options put forward, the Cherai Beach near Ernakulam was the one we fixed.

Started in the night of that saturday. Lots of roaming abt the places and confusions in between regarding the routes. and besides that there was this shortage of fuel. a couple of times, we just reached the petrol pump, jus when the fuel was getting over. the whole night we were driving. at abt 2:30 am we went to our friends' house on the way. now tat was a surprise 2 his mom..

then at abt early morning got …

Been away for a while... but i am back!

Had been away for a while, college had started after the two months vacation long back . Mini project work had been going on...
Had moved to Bangalore in the starting of June.

Getting into final year the next week. S7 starts then..

Will try to keep updating the blog, since i got a new way to do it...

Keep in touch friends...
and keep smiling...

monsoon arrives..

and atlast d monsoon has arrived.. nw the heat waves would be a little less.. its good to get wet in the rains too!!

wandering on..

its fun wandering here and there, particularly when u have something to do. but taking some time off from the work also helps naa! last day me and my friends went abt roaming arnd the college campus. no thats not as usual. it was the time when we didnt have college. d holidays are on! walked along through it and went abt. crossed the campus and then went to the area aftr that. mountains and rocks. those were waiting us. tried to fake a pic taken from another place, and saying some other place name and uploading it on social networking. went around walking a lot. and lots of fun on the way..
well, v got back to the hostel by dark. couldn't miss the dinner at the mess!

smile! hav a nice day!

smile! the best way of presenting urself to the outside world. believe me, it can workout magics! its wonderful when u walk along the road and suddenly somebody smiles at u. it just makes out ur day! yesterday when i was walking on the road in the evening, i saw a lady fetching a piece of stick to make her daughter obey her. (no, there wasn't any amount of harshness involved in it. it was all pure motherly love.) i didn't know her at all. but we smiled at each other. it just makes u happy when people smile at each other. suppose that u r having a bad day, and suddenly walking along the road, someone smiles at u. in the true sense usually u would smile back. it helps in setting ur mood. helps u regain confidence and believe in urself.
so keep smiling friends! :)

scorching heat

its always obvious how the March-April-May time of the year starts to get really heated up and the temperature scales are always on the high. my college has been closing for the April-May term for this same reason. the temperatures at Palghat do score up and up during this time. and just day before yesterday when i went there i understood the complexity of it. its been so hot there. more than any place i have ever been. its impossible to survive out there in the heat! i think people out there, manage to survive by sitting in their homes. probably Palghat is the hottest place in Kerala!
i had been there just for a day and i managed to get back home at the night, totally tired and exhausted. u feel like getting baked. u feel like u are being put into the place of the chicken in the grill making the chicken dish! completely burning! and when i saw some people working there in the sun, i was totally amazed! man these people are totally wonderful to work in such heat, right under the sun! a…

fear is something totally relative

we all r afraid of something. something or the other. and to get rid of that is a great acheivement. and the fear that gripples us all is something totally relative. there is nothing a matter, that's making everyone afraid. it all changes from person to person. place to place. a person at certain place on the planet, may be afraid of say, spiders. another person an entirely different place, may not be afraid of spiders at all. instead, (s)he may be afraid of something else completely different and not-so-much-fearsome.
from all these what we understand is that, fear is something which is not at all common. something is defined as "common", when it is found everywhere. so practically, there is always a way of resolving this fear. since its different from person to person, overcoming it differs in each person's sense too. one way or the other, when we have sorted out a way to resolve it, its a great success. because such fears are evident from the sub-concious mind of o…

malls r a wonderful meeting place

much opposite to the definition of malls, they turn out to be a wonderful meeting place otherwise. malls usually have a number of shops and outlets at every corner of it. but everyone entering the mall doesn't actually intend to buy much stuff from there. certainly, i aint telling that shops are unnecessary, ofcourse they are required. otherwise, where we would be getting nice places to roam around! its interesting to check out whats new on the store(even though we don't buy much!).
its wonderful to hang around with ur friends and spend a lot of time talking and walking. there are plenty of advantages. u get to see many people. and if someone has some shopping on the agenda, then that mission is accomplished too. and after all of this roaming around such huge number of floors, u are ought to get tired. so there are places to eat at almost every malls. so in all manners its a great place for people to meet up n have fun!

beaches equal to beauty!

Its always wonderful how we always cherish a moment atleast once on our life related with the beach. Beaches are one among the beautiful places on earth. Its wonderful to feel the cool breeze. Its amazing to feel the waters of the seas, brushing past ur feet and the chill it offers. Often when u are stressed up, if u go and sit at the beach alone (or else accompanying someone with u would be a great idea !), then u may feel the relaxation and the amount of stress lowering. U feel a certain moment of peace inside u.
Thus beaches are one of the places which attract me the most, and its wonderful to spend the evenings over there. Its a perfect place for a date too. Try getting in a girl to a beachside restaurant for a date. May be u can just take a walk along the beach too!

elections in d country..

Kerala and various other states of d country went to the vote on the 16th of April as part of the Phase-I of the elections in the country. And this time it is going to be really competitive. coz this time people want change. people r more aware of things. they are not going to fall for those old promises and vote. they r definitely changed. this is the scenario not at all places, but same places atleast. so this time its been different from olden times. so the political parties had to work really hard this time to gather votes for them.
But after all, thinking generally, elections must be the process of electing proper officials to power and not just political parites. it must b an exercise that leads to the shaping of the country. And interesting thing is, u can always recollect all the negative aspects of the different political parties in the country at the time of elections. They all pin point mistakes of each others. So u surely get to know more.
I am feeling sad that I couldn'…

What's the buzz ?

Recently, when there was a small accident for our vehicle I came face-to-face with the concept called People. The silly thing is that this stuff is supposed to be neutral and feature on the side of truth. But thats not what eventually happens. People tend to make the situation worse by creating walls between the people and have the situation in a different way. If it is for the good (good in the sense, i mean the 'right' good) then there is no problem. But if it the other way, then that makes it a whole lot of a different issue.
I feel like telling this because, on the spot of the accident, the people over there had told to take the case seriously and not to leave it alone. But a 5 minutes later, the course had been changed. The same people who had come and told us to take the incident to the notice of the law, were telling us to arrive a mutual compromise. And not only that, the fault was on our side. Well, a vehicle stopping behind a vehicle halting and another rickshaw comin…

back home..

I am back from Kannur. And a whole week was spent there. Its been a long time since we had spent such a long time there. So it was huge fun. And plenty of different experiences this time.
And differently, went out with one of my college mates at Kannur to the Payyambalam Beach there. Obviously the beach luks awesome ! Had been there some long time ago.. And evenings at beaches are supposed to be amazin !

Happy Vishu n Easter!

wish all my friends a prosperous Easter and Vishu..I would be away for a while, since I am visitin Kannur(my hometown).

ciao! :-)

final years' day and closing of college

Well Swahastah was our final years' program at our college and there was this as expected clash at the end of it. Though the program continued, there was no audience! Rather the program, the clash was the thing which got popularity on that day. The program was kinda ok, but what came after was the main event !
And due to this, the college had been forced closed, right at the moment when the vacations were starting. The 2 days at the college, after the program were such that, the college had to be closed ! Plenty of fights going on and bringing on an intense situation.
The college has been closed with the intervention of the police till the elections were over. They didnt want anything else happening in the midst of the rush of elections. And somehow we all managed to get out of the hostels, untouched !

vacations beginning..

the vacations have begun over here..and its a whole 2 months! there is no doubt that boredom is going to be the prime thing !
and then there is this moving into Bangalore..jus the news is in. so havent decided much abt it..

hope something good unfolds.. ;)

hello everyone!

hello friends ! hows life going on ? hope everythin is alright...! ;-)
have just moved into this new blog.. for earlier posts..please read
thank u..