Is it all about the Bananas?

The ambience of the hall is of joy and happiness, with the whole gathering smiling and glittering. There are smiles everywhere, the bride and groom are happy on stage, and everyone has this feeling of fulfilling their objective for the day. The camera pans up to the wedding scene. The bride and the groom have tied the knot, and exchanged garlands, and are enjoying their official step towards spending a life together. This feels like a climax scene lift-off from a Bollywood movie, but in reality, is somewhat vaguely what happens at every wedding. The scene is calm, till now.
The professional photographers for the function have been calm and quiet all this while. They were happy flashing their torches and light exposure equipment into the wide ambiance and capture the happy moments of all those who were present there. And just as the main custom of tying the knots has been done; they get into a frantic nature. Their only mission then becomes – to get candid photographs of the bride and…

The Trip

It was started off as just another Whatsapp group, but fortunately it ended up as something which materialized into a get-together. With couple of months of planning lead by our very own planning commision head, Mr. S, a trip to Ooty, worked out for the long weekend clubbed with Labor Day.

The agenda was clear: A visit to our alma mater, a drive through the valleys of Ooty, and an overnight stay, and then the return day after - and yes, celebrating Mr. A’s homecoming as well. The plan looked simple, but the eagerness towards it wasn’t such. It had been a long time ever since the whole of Troublers (yes! that’s the name of our group), had sat down together, and talked like there wasn’t an end to the world. And The Trip was surely going to be a mark up for that.

For me, it happened to be a rush through with missing out on the first day to The Trip. So after the hiccups with the month end closure and between the hurried heartbeats decrypting the excitement into smiles, I boarded the train …

Those Places Left Behind

We are a species. A collection of people, who strive to make this world, a better place to live in. Well, at least, that's what we are believed to be on course. For some reason, out of all these different species in this world, we have 'supposedly' been given the highest intellectual capacity. Apparently, all that needs to be flushed down the drains!

It's only when we travel the world, or the country for that matter, that we discover how actually it's all a cocoon. A shell of freedom, where in only few can crawl in. The lack of choices, where - having no choice, is the only choice, becomes the primary stratagem. When many of us delve inside the opulence of metro cities in this world, we often fail to consider that it's just a meager percentage of the cities existing in this world. A major portion of the society is still lurking in the darkness, waiting for that last crumb of bread which will take them out of their misery.

The expectations are always there, bec…

The Culture of a Train

The various miles through the tracks, across numerous destinations, capsule into a great journey. All throughout the ride, the core thing which drives it through, are those people which breathe with the journey. And that pulse is the basic necessity of every journey. A gentle, yet required heartbeat for maintaining the sanctity of the ride.

Whenever I travel in a train, the best thing to notice and to learn from, are the people in that train. In our country, trains are a famous locomotive, and it ends up being the precursor to various dreams, sometimes nightmares and a handful yet pleasing list of wonders. Every train, essentially has it's source and destination, for what we miss to notice is, that these end points evolve one thing -  a Culture.

We have trains traversing through different corners of the country, and still for some trains, its possible to recognize them just by a look, and not by their name plate. Some stand out with their generosity, their devotional capacity roa…

A Ride Through the Night

It's been a while since I've put my fingers to the task, but it feels good to be back. This time, I'm along the lines of Batman - yet, a little into philosophy though. Yes, I'm talking about the Night (without the 'K').
Often we are moving from one place to another, as part of work, or as part of our personal chores. And almost all the cases, the mode of transport are our favorite Buses and Trains, which we rely on, more trustfully even than our own toothbrush!
So during one such various tours, the thought struck me that a wider population is being 'in transit' during the night hours. Some taking hours in single digits, and some in double. The reason for destinations may be many, for family, for work or be it anything.
Across these nights, several interesting caricatures surface with their own stories. There's the lady who has drawn the beds early, settled in her comfort zone. There's the old couple who are sitting with an RAC ticket, waiting for t…

Life around a Bus Station

It often so happens that amidst our frequent and not-so-frequent journeys, we come across several of the very common bus stations across the country. Some of them freeze a frame in our mind for their grandiose, and some for their normalcy. Yet, with all the variety, it is mostly a transit point for a journey, either to or fro!But in between all the honking of buses, the regular calls for passengers and the race for a seat, there’s a lot that buzzes around this place. The business, the chatter, the romance, the desperation, all situations blending into one big consensus. A consensus of our existence between the speed of our lives and of the humanely things that we often fail to cherish.Set in for a pause and take a look around when you’re there. The epiphany which strikes you would be amazing! Though not all bus stations get that blessing, but some have the luxury of chairs. On one set, you’ll find an family come to send off their elderly parents, explaining them to be careful and hand…

If the Sapiens had Super-Powers!

The ever imaginative and captivating, super-human world, always leaves us awestruck. The beings of superior qualities stand out of the crowd, often taking the role of saviors of humanity. And thus begins the adoration, admiration and sometimes an extrapolated - infatuation - for all the _____Man and the _______Woman genre, and a hoard of others with fancy names speaking of power and other qualities!

It's quite natural to wonder, what if WE, yes, we Homo Sapiens had the exact super powers? Wouldn't it be wonderful to fly in the air? Wouldn't it be superficial to be strong and move things just with your tiny little finger? YES! Isn't it?
NOPE. In fact, we would have been insulting and depriving ourselves of our own intelligence.

Being a species having super powers, would have stopped us from thinking of numerous inventions in this world - fire, cars, wheels, etc. etc. Primarily, because we wouldn't NEED it.

Want to go from point A to point B - FLY!
Interested to kno…